Environmental standards

At ADX Energy we understand the important role we play in protecting and minimising our impact on the environment in which we operate. Our policies ensure we operate to the most stringent environmental and emission standards and minimise our use of land. ​

Our Focus on Climate Change

We are at the forefront of change at ADX Energy and are passionate about our direct contribution to improving global CO2 emissions.

The 2015 Paris Agreement saw 189 countries commit to decreasing CO2 emissions. However, improvements aren’t happening quickly enough.

At ADX Energy we are not only ensuring all our operations work to decrease our general impact on greenhouse gas emissions, but we are also exploring exciting decarbonisation opportunities to further reduce global CO2 emissions.

We have the required skills and assets to develop green gas technologies such as hydrogen production, renewable technologies such as geothermal energy and CO2 abatement such as reservoir storage.

Exceeding Environmental Standards

With our operations focussed in Europe we follow the high environmental standards set out by the European Union.

Our corporate policies ensure we:

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