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High Value Clean Natural Resources - Oil and Gas

Responsibly produced crude oil is a premium product that is becoming more rare to access which we believe in time will attract a higher relative price compared to lower grade raw material that has been produced without stringent environmental standards. ADX is in a privileged position to produce a premium, environmentally sustainable product that is a valued feedstock for local industry.

Our products - a premium raw material!

Petroleum is one of the most important raw materials in our modern society. The combination of best quality petroleum and environmentally responsibile production standards from our fields in Austria provide premium quality raw material for a variety of products in everyday life. The chemical industry utilises over 500 substances that are present in crude oil.

Medicine and

Petroleum derivatives are contained in almost all consumer goods and medicines. The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on the petroleum industry to manufacture medicines, and nine out of ten medical treatments are made from petroleum derivatives.

Without oil, production of antibiotics would not be possible.

Detergents and Packaging

Detergents and cleaning agents, antifreeze, paints or dyes cannot be produced without crude oil. Packaging of food and non-food items is not feasible without plastics, which are largely based on petroleum. Of course, economical use of these products is a must in order to offer consumers safe packaging that extends the shelf life of products and thus reduces food waste.

Cosmetic Products​

The situation is similar to that for the production of medicines for the basic materials for cosmetic products. The worldwide need for cosmetic goods, be it cheap or particularly expensive, could not be met with purely natural raw materials. Compatibility for allergy sufferers, shelf life, various uses and availability make crude oil indispensable for this industry too.

Agriculture Machines
and Fertilizer Production

Crude oil is also an important raw material for the production of fertilizers. Without them mankind would need to deforest a lot more valuable land to feed the ever increasing human population. One could even go as far as saying that crude oil and its products safe our rainforest from being cut even further for the need to feed the human population. 

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