Decarbonisation Opportunities

Low emissions production and decarbonising technologies are not just good for the planet – they are good business!​​

Investment in ADX Energy is investment in a sustainable future.

Paul Fink
CEO ADX Energy

ADX has identified a number of opportunities within our European asset base to add value through decarbonising technologies and complimentary renewable energy opportunities.

Forward thinking energy production companies have the skills and the assets to make positive contribution to the planet as well as generate profit for investors. There is inherent value in well maintained oil and gas infrastructure and well positioned reservoirs for decarbonisation technologies in high value markets such as onshore Europe.

ADX Energy is pursuing decarbonisation investment opportunities in our existing and targeted assets. These investments are expected to enhance the value of our assets as well as meet community and government expectations in the jurisdictions in which we work.

Gas – a long term transition fuel

Our domestic Austria oil production is a natural resource which contributes to the requirements of the petrochemical industry. The resulting products are modern high technology materials such as carbon fibre for superlight cars, chemicals, medicine, cosmetics and the fertilizers which have allowed to feed a rapidly growing world population with an ever smaller usage of agricultural land per capita. Gas is seen as a long term transition fuel, it contributes 40% to 50% of greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emission reduction.

Sequestration of CO2

Currently available energy generation technologies will not suffice to meet the IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 2° C policy target through decarbonisation. The reservoirs in our oil fields which have contained oil and natural gas over millions of years offer a safe and affordable way to store large amounts of CO2 in a small area that may otherwise be expelled into the atmosphere.

From a commercial perspective there is the double benefit of keeping infrastructure far beyond the natural oil field abandonment date and earning positive cash flow through carbon storage.

Underground Energy Storage

Our oil and gas reservoirs are well positioned in relation to infrastructure and energy markets providing large underground (energy) storage capacities required for the future hydrogen or green gas energy technologies once oil or gas are depleted.

Minimal Land Usage

Our production is located within vineyards that are over 100 years old. The local farmers and community share our oilfield road network and monitor our environmental and safety behaviour on a daily basis. Our well sites are designed for minimal land usage – land usage change is an underestimated source of GHG emissions.

According to the August 2019 IPCC report up to 37% of total net anthropogenic GHG emissions are caused by increased land usage.

Geothermal Energy

We are targeting exploration areas that are not only prospective for oil and gas but also contain proven geothermal reservoirs. Several prospects offer the dual objective of profitable monetization through hydrocarbons and / or geothermal energy developments. Such projects are especially attractive if they are close to cities. Geothermal energy is a proven developing, sustainable energy which has strong take up in neighbouring Germany.

Low Emission Oil and Gas Production

In Austria, ADX produces premium quality oil & gas with minimal CO2 emissions and zero CH4 (methane) emissions. Much of the oil and gas used in Austria is imported from countries where state owned National Oil Companies (NOC’s) have less respect for the environment, experience no pressure from environmentalists and do not actively pursue low emission technologies on the ground. NOC’s produce around 90% of the world’s oil and emit around 1.8 Gigatons of CO2 and around 80 Megatons of CH4 (Methane) a year. Domestic oil production in Austria is therefore an active contribution to a cleaner environment and contributes to GHG emissions.

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