Asset Highlights

  • A gas condensate opportunity of 126 mmboe (mean resource potential) was identified below the drilled section and ADX intends to explore this in conjunction with future appraisal of the shallower Lambouka gas discovery
  • Substantial gas resource estimated by ADX to be 309 bcf mean sales gas
  • Potential for substantial condensate volumes based on gas compositional data recorded while drilling
  • Partly located in the pro development Tunisian jurisdiction and partly in the very favourable Italian offshore fiscal regime
  • Excellent co-development opportunity with nearby Dougga gas condensate discovery



The Lambouka-1 well intersected a gas column of approximately 25m. A comprehensive LWD (logging while drilling) and wireline logging data set was recovered during the drilling of Lambouka in July 2010. Unfortunately due to instability of the borehole while drilling and evaluating Lambouka, it was not possible to test the well.
Lambouka is located approximately 70 km North East of onshore Cap Bon in the Sicily channel. The Dougga gas condensate discovery is located approximately 22 km SSW of Lambouka.

Based on the well results and the 3D seismic interpretation, the mean recoverable gas resource is estimated by ADX to be 309 bcf with the potential for significant associated condensate volumes.

Gas chromatograph measurements taken while drilling indicate a condensate rich gas at Lambouka. Using a similar gas condensate ratio to Dougga for Lambouka would result in condensate resources of 24 MMbbls based on the mean resource estimate.

Unlike the nearby Dougga field which contains relatively high proportions of CO2, it is assuming that no CO2 is present at Lambouka given that CO2 was not detected on measuring equipment during the drilling of the well.

Planned Activities for Lambouka

In order to establish the potential commerciality of Lambouka a successful well test recovering reservoir hydrocarbons at favourable flow rates is required. It is planned to re-enter Lambouka-1 then sidetrack and test the gas bearing formations with a specifically designed reservoir flow test. ADX believes that a Lambouka test can be efficiently undertaken in conjunction with a Dougga appraisal well.