Romania Well Flow Test Operations Update 3

Romania Well Flow Test Operations Update 3, “Iecea Mica -1 well has been perforated and the test
programme is ongoing”​

Key Points:

  • Well Production Equipment has been run into the well and perforated to initiate flow from the Lower Pannonian “Pa IV” gas reservoir (The Pa V and Pa III potential gas reservoirs were not perforated during the current operations).
  • Workover Rig is being demobilised as it is no longer required for ongoing flow assessment work.
  • Further diagnosis work is ongoing utilising wire line following rig demobilisation, including down hole pressure measurement and sampling of reservoir fluids.
  • Reservoir Damage has potentially occurred and following further diagnostic work as well as acidisation of the well may be implemented to enhance flow. Acidisation is required to break down mud filter cake which builds up around the well bore and is a relatively common practice for Pannonian reservoirs which are commonly composed of carbonate cement. Rock Typing work has also been identified carbonate cement (Siderite) in the currently tested PaIV reservoir.
  • Further Flow Testing Results will be ongoing over the coming weeks including down hole pressure measurement, fluid sampling and future stimulation or further testing programs.
    Results to date include gas pay seen on down hole logs and gas shows encountered while drilling as well as historic well results which flowed at approximately 1 MMSCFPD.

Read more and download the pdf file here romania-well-flow-test-operations-update-3

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